What are the origins of Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart

The inspiration for the cheese tarts was from Hokkaido, Japan. However, the brand was founded in Malaysia, and has now been brought over to Australia to be shared with everyone!

Why is there Hokkaido in the brand if it is not Japanese?

The core idea behind our product was to recreate and improve the taste of cheese produced from dairy in Hokkaido. We do our best to deliver an authentic Hokkaido cheese experience to our valued customers.

What is the price of a single tart?

We have priced it at an affordable $3.90 per tart for our original cheese tart. Our flavoured tarts are $4.20 per tart. Every once in a while, we will have promotions as a token of appreciation to our customers. Follow us on our Instagram and Facebook pages to always be the first to know!

What makes these cheese tarts so special?

It is a fusion of the east and the west. Tarts from the east, cheese from the west. The cheese tart filling is made using three blends of cheese and the crust is made to be a 'biscuit-like' pastry; crumbly, yet tasty.

Future flavours / size of the tart?

Only one size, bite-sized. We have thoughtfully crafted our tarts to be held comfortably and easy to eat without creating a mess. As we go along, new mind-blowing flavours will be rolled out, so stay tuned!

What is the outlet’s concept?

We only do take-away and our outlets do not cater for seating because our aim is to keep costs low and ensure that our cheese tarts remain affordable.

How many should I eat?

As many as you can! Alternatively, you can call for backup and share with your friends and family.

What are the ingredients of the tart?

Our original tarts contain cheese, milk, flour, sugar and egg.

As many as you can! Alternatively, you can call for backup and share with your friends and family.

What is the best way to eat the tarts?

Our cheese tarts can be eaten chilled, re-heated or fresh. We always recommend them to be eaten fresh from our ovens!

Are your tarts and soft serve vegetarian friendly?

Yes, yes and YES! Both our tarts and soft serve are suitable for vegetarians. They also do not contain any gelatine. 

Are you halal certified?

Our tarts and soft serve are not halal certified, however its ingredients are pork free and are produced in a facility that is pork free as well. They also do not contain any animal rennets. 

What are the best times to consume your tarts?

Our tarts are best consumed within 4 hours (from the oven) without refrigeration.

Tarts kept in the fridge are best consumed within 48 hours.

Tarts kept in the freezer are best consumed within 4 days.