We know. We've all done it. Home alone with a block of cheddar, a few scraps of brie and a lone Kraft Single. It all seemed so promising. When your mum/housemate/significant other returned, though, the truth became apparent. You'd made a cheese quagmire in your microwave, hadn't you? Hadn't you.

    Fortunately, the guys behind PappaRich, the ST Group, are now getting set to help you realise all of your cheese dreams without the weird kitchen smell three weeks later — they're bringing Malaysian chain Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart to Brisbane. With multiple stores in Kuala Lumpur and other areas of the country — plus a handful in Melbourne and Sydney, as of last year — the cheese tart connoisseurs will expand to open not one, but five Australian stores by the end of the year — four in Melbourne and one in Sydney. And now, they're heading for Pacific Fair early July.

    Their namesake is the cornerstone of their offering: a savoury-sweet three-cheese situation encased in a shortcrust shell, designed to be eaten either hot or cold. The cheese, while made with local produce, is based on the distinct taste and texture of the dairy products of Hokkaido. The Japanese island is known for their dairy — it produces half of Japan's total milk and a huge 90 percent of their natural cheese — and HBCT have worked tirelessly to replicate it. Malaysia has gone nuts for it, and Melbourne and Sydney have jumped firmly on board; people have been queuing out the door to get their hands on one (or 12).

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